• Why did he delete his dating profile after meeting me?.
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He and I kept texting about other things. The next afternoon I initiated a text conversation with him I was really bored in a 3 hour car drive with family. He took a while to reply most of the time but I sent quick replies I was bored—and I did tell him that. At this point, it had been 6 days since we met in person, so I was getting anxious if there was gonna be a second date or not and I knew that he normally has the next day off, so I figured I would start a conversation and see how things go. We texted and it turns out that he had to go in for part of the day and then take his car into the shop.

This last text conversation was yesterday.

Online Dating. He Hasn’t Taken Down His Profile? Dating Tips

Does this mean he is serious about someone else? On one hand, I feel like it was a slightly tipsy invite, on the other hand if he was okay with me meeting his friends, does that mean something? Or should I forget about him because it sounds like he is with someone else?

He deleted his dating profile after one date is this normal? He also told his family and workmates about me.

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I would like to see where things could go with him but I feel he is moving too fast. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

5 Reasons Why His Online Dating Profile Is Still Active

This guy has got needy, clingy, stalker written all over him. I'd cancel plans with him immediately. To really drive the nail home send this - "Met someone recently that I want to pursue things with. So it's best we stop seeing each other". I recently hid my profile, but I'm going into the 4th date now - which honestly is probably still a bit early, but I don't feel like chasing anyone else right now and want to see how things go.

Originally Posted by fitnessfan Don't encourage the texting Too much attention no good too little no good too caribg no good too much texting no good too much mushy no good. The guys is trying hard.

5 Reasons Why His Online Dating Profile Is Still Active

Maybe a bit too much. Shows hes committed and people nitpick. Give the guy a chance. Then tell him to slow down with the text and the talking. Btw take advice from people here with a grain of salt. Most here are just bitter or lack any dating experience at all. Some never datd but freely give advice. Im certain advice from forums have caused many relationship to fall apart for the advice that was given and even though u should know that advi e from the internet shouldnt be taken seriously, people are a bit naive and dont know better and use that advice. Well, deleting a online profile could mean one or two things.

Or a guy is sooo turned off when meeting that person, he deletes his profile permanently. In this case, it seems that he really likes you. Originally Posted by losangelena.

Seven Reasons To Delete Online Dating Profiles – afterdefeat

OP I would not advocate lying in this situation. I went out twice with a guy like that last summer. It's as if he was feeling like we were much further along than we really were, and just assumed that I felt the same way. I didn't, and it was off-putting to say the least. That's not to say that some people can't feel certain right away. My parents were engaged a week after they met. But for them in was mutual. Your parents were engaged a week after they met? But was that sort of normal back in the day? Originally Posted by rocketman Doesnt sound like a stalker to me.

Just seems like hes overtrying and doesnt want to screw things up so hes in turbo mode. Better than those stupid dating games idiots here do all the time. Dont analyze Hes a nice guy, he closed his profile because he feels youre the one, wants to show u hes committed. Takes u out u havea Great time.

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Dont be suspicious of wverything. With being so worried and nervous youll wind up throwing because of.

Youll drive yourself nuts. Give him the benefit of the doubt. The next date tell him to feel relaxed with you and slow down a bit. Everything is fine and he doesnt need to spin his wheels in place.