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➤➤ Ost marriage not dating stop the love now lyrics

Ije jogeumssik naege Dagaoneun geot gata Bukkeureopjiman son kkokjapgo gidohaeyo Oneuldo gidarijyo, dalkomhan neoui moksoril. Neol bomyeon dugeundugeun nae gaseumi bajjakbajjak nae ipsuri Eojedo seolleime jameul seolchyeotjyo Wae ireoneunji, jeongmal nae eolguri hwakkeunhwakkeun georyeoyo.

Ben - Stop The Love Now [Marriage Not Dating OST]

Ppijjukppijjuk meorikkeuchi jjaritjjarit nae onmomi Oneuldo ni eolguri areungeoryeoyo Na jeongmal chameul su eobtjyo Geurae naeilbuteo uri yeppeuge jal salgeyo. Dasin sarang anhanda namaneul saranghanda maeum eolligo miso jiugo Chagaun nae moseup eosaekhage geunyangjeonyang salgoitdeon nainde.

Stop The Love Now (연애는 이제 그만 ) (English translation)

Haruedo yeoreobeon geoureul bogehago haendeupon munja hwaginhago Irijeori jubyeoneul seoseongijyo mabeobe geollingeotcheoreom. When I see you, me heart pounds and my lips dry up.

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Why am I like this? My face getting hot. My head gets dizzy, me body get electrified. Your face flickers before me today. Starting from tomorrow, we will live happily together. At first, I had no interest, we turned ours back againts each other, fighting all the time.

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